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Hebei Zhonghai Steel Pipe Manufacturing Corporation, is a professional industrial pipe manufacturer, based in China. Our products include seamless steel pipes, anti-corrosion steel pipes, welded steel pipes, and other industrial pipes. Our pipes are widely used for mechanical processing, boiler manufacturing, petroleum and natural gas transportation, venue construction, and more.


Specializing in manufacturing industrial pipes in China, Zhonghai Company is able to provide a wide range of industrial pipelines, including seamless steel pipe, anticorrosion pipe, welded steel pipe, and so on. Our steel pipes have found a wide range of applications on mechanical processing, boiler manufacture, petroleum and natural gas transportation and construction industry.

Seamless Steel Pipe

Here, let's share with you our seamless steel pipes. They are widely used in the mechanical processing, oil and gas transmission, transportation and construction industries.

Cold Drawn Steel Pipe (Seamless Tube)

The cold drawn pipe can be divided into common seamless tube, medium and low pressure boiler steel pipe, high pressure boiler tube, alloy-steel tube, antirust pipe and petroleum cracking pipe. Another way to categorize it is to divide it into carbon thin wall steel tube, alloy thin walled pipe, stainless thin-wall thickness tube and heterotype steel tube...

Hot Rolled Steel Pipe (Seamless Tube)

In our way of manufacturing the hot rolled steel pipe, the cast structure of steel ingot can be broken, the grains of steel are refined, and the defects of the microstructure of steel are eliminated, resulting in improved mechanical properties and denser microstructures of the steel product. For specifications of our hot rolled steel pipes...

Hot Expanded Steel Pipe (Seamless Tube)

As a professional seamless tube manufacturer, we usually utilize skew rolling or drawing technique to expand the diameter of seamless tubes in a short period of time, thus producing hot expanding tubes. With these techniques, we are able to produce various non-standard hot expanded pipes, in addition...

API 5L Pipe (Seamless Steel Pipe)

Our API 5L pipes are widely used in the oil and natural gas industries to transmit gas, oil and water.
Special pipe: Regular and special thick-walled steel pipe, maximum thickness of up to 60MM
Process: Hot rolled and hot expanded...

Boiler Steel Pipe

Our boiler steel pipes are widely used to manufacture heating pipelines, containers, and steaming pipelines of low or medium pressure boilers (P< 5.88Mpa, T < 450℃), and coal-saving devices, superheaters and reheaters of high pressure boilers (P >9.8Mpa, 450 ℃ < T < 650 ℃)...

Structure Steel Pipe

Our high quality structure steel pipes are highly sought after by customers from manufacturing, petroleum, natural gas, transportation and construction industries.
Special pipe: Regular and special thick-walled structure steel pipe, maximum thickness of up to 60MM...

Anticorrosion Steel Pipe

We at Zhonghai can manufacture anticorrosion steel pipes of high standard and with strong anticorrosion abilities, and there is no need to worry about any type of pipeline corrosion any more, whether that is internal and external corrosion, total and localized corrosion, or chemical and electrochemical corrosion.

Spiral Steel Pipe

Our spiral steel pipes can be used as steel penstock for using in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, electric power, heating power, water supply and drainage, steam heating, and hydropower industries, and are also ideal for long distance transferring of water and any other non-corrosion liquid materials. In addition, they can also be used in steel structure projects and the fields for piling, dredging and bridge construction, etc.

ERW Welded Steel Pipe

Our ERW welded steel pipes, which are also named electrical resistance welded pipes, are extensively used in manufacturing, petrochemical, transportation and construction industries.
Our company has attained ISO9001: 2000 certification and our ERW welded steel pipes are CE certified. So our customers can feel secure in using our products.

LSAW Steel Pipe

By carrying out standard nondestructive detections on our LSAW tubes, we ensure that our tubes serve our customers well. Our LSAW steel pipes are ideal pipes for large-scale pipeline engineering, petroleum, water or natural gas transportation and urban pipe network construction.


Zhonghai is a professional industrial pipe manufacturer and supplier in China. Since our establishment in 1997, we have determined to supply superior quality steel pipes to both national and international customers. We produce our seamless steel pipe, anticorrosion steel pipe, welded steel pipe, etc. in rigid conformation with ISO9001:2000 international quality management standard.


As a company which has been consistently providing customers with high quality steel pipes, we have invested a lot in acquiring advanced production equipment. The seamless puncher, imported from the United States, has a high control accuracy. Our hot-rolled and hot-expanded production lines could punch the seamless steel pipe to 273 mm and expand it to 914mm.

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